Blog Prompt #6: Ted Talk Reaction

I chose Larry Smith’s talk, “Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career.” I chose this talk because I found the title interesting and I thought it might help me with my future plans. When I first read the title, I thought it had a negative, pessimistic tone, which made me wonder what it was about. I was also curious as to why Larry Smith thinks that people aren’t likely to have a great career.

I agreed with Larry Smith’s reasoning about why people fail and that it is because people are afraid to pursue their passions and settle for safe alternatives, like focusing on their family and friends. I also agreed with his opinion on taking chances and how you won’t be able to succeed if you don’t. I agree with what Larry said because I’ve heard people say they have a passion for something, yet it is not the career they pursued.

I really didn’t disagree with anything in the talk. I thought he had valid points about everything he talked about in relation to failing when pursuing a career.

The talk did make me reflect on my future, but I probably won’t change my mind about the programs I applied to for university. I did apply to programs I am interested in, but they aren’t my passion. I know I will be successful in my career even though Larry Smith would consider it a failure as it is not my true passion.

I would definitely recommend this talk to a friend as it makes a lot of sense and there is truth in everything Larry says. He talks about people’s fears and how those fears will cause them to fail in life. His theory of the importance of pursuing your passion is very interesting and he teaches you how to deal with that when you are a parent. I am sure that my friends would find this talk relatable and inspirational, as I did.


Blog Prompt #5: Personal Project Reaction

Throughout the duration of the PEDs project, I made many contributions. I researched possible PEDs to use in the classroom and helped my group decide which kind of technology would be best to use for the class. Then, I helped write and edit the initial proposal and thought of some questions for the survey. When we went to the class to run the activity, I helped individual students in the class who were confused as to what to do or how to enter the online activity. After running the activity, I assisted with writing the project report.

I think our PEDs project was a success in the moment that we ran the activity, but not in the long-term. Our goal was to improve student engagement and their understanding of the topic (exponential functions.) The activity we introduced was a useful tool that we thought the students would be interested in and continue to use in order to enhance their understanding of the concept. The majority of the class was engaged in the activity and seemed to understand the concept easily, but it did not seem likely that they would be interested in doing the activity later, on their own. Therefore, I don’t think the activity will benefit their overall learning experience in the class.

If I could go back in time and change something about our PEDs project, I would make sure we communicated more with the teacher of the class we worked with (Mr. Daoud). There were a lot of misunderstandings when negotiating a day to go to the class and run the activity. There were many occasions when we thought we were supposed to go to the class, but realized that he was not expecting us to come on that day. Also, on the first attempt to run the activity, we realized that the class hadn’t learned enough about the topic to understand the activity, so we were unable to do it on that day. If we had explained everything to the teacher clearly, in the beginning, we would not have had these issues.

For next year’s IDC class, this project could be improved by reducing the amount of members in each group. In my group, there were six members, which made it difficult for everyone to make equal contributions and participate in all the activities. There were many times when one or two members of the group didn’t have anything to do, as only a few people were required to work on the task. There should not be more than four people in each group, so that everyone can be productive all the time, and no one will be left out. This is my only suggestion for improving the project, as every other aspect seemed to work well.

Blog Prompt #4: Issues in ICT: Internet Distraction

I do not relate to the author’s experiences with distraction and addiction to the internet. I do not get distracted by the internet often, and I am not addicted to it. I mostly use the internet for school assignments, and when I use it, I usually stay focused on my task, as I am determined to finish it quickly and efficiently. I find it easy to ignore distractions on websites, unlike the author. I would not say that I am addicted to the internet because when I have free time, I usually spend it doing other activities I enjoy, such as reading books or playing piano or guitar. I choose not to spend my time on the internet because almost all of my school assignments require me to spend long amounts of time on the computer and when I have a break, I prefer to do different things.

I believe that the distracting nature of the internet is a problem for many people. The extent of this issue varies depending on the person’s level of self-control and awareness of the distractions. There are ads and unrelated distractions on nearly every website, so a lot of people find it difficult to research or do work without losing focus. Even on the website I read the article on for this assignment, there were distractions everywhere. Students are very likely to get distracted by the websites they have to use for school assignments, which is an issue, as it will take longer for them to get work done.

I don’t think I would need to disconnect from the internet during the break, as I am currently mostly using it for school work and rarely have time to use it for my personal interests. Therefore, the two week break from school would be an opportunity for me to use the internet for other things, which I usually don’t get to do often.

Schools should not address this issue with students, as the students are responsible for their own work ethic and time management. There is nothing that can be done to solve this issue, as there will always be distractions on the internet. The only solution is for students to become more aware of these distractions and gain more self-control in order to avoid them and stay focused. Students are also responsible for their addictions to the internet. If students are spending too much time doing unproductive things on the internet rather than getting work done, that is their choice. If they are determined to do well in school, they will change their habits and spend their time on the internet efficiently.

Blog Prompt #3: Effective Technology Tools

Two technologies that I thought could be helpful are Google Keep and Desmos. Google Keep would help me manage my time, since it can be used for note taking and organizing. I would make to-do lists and plan how I will complete tasks. I would also use it to remind myself of due dates and tests. I would use Desmos’ graphing calculator, as well as its other features to enhance my understanding of concepts in math, as well as to do my homework more efficiently.

Desmos would be very beneficial for the students in my advanced functions class. Desmos has many features such as graphing games and activities that would help students develop a better understanding of concepts. If the class was encouraged to try these activities, they might end up understanding things that they had trouble with, or even become more interested in math. There is also a Desmos app, which would make it easier for students to access. If the teacher allows students to use the Desmos app in class, it could make the classroom environment more engaging, as students would be able to use math concepts in a form of technology that they are familiar with.

If I was a teacher, I would use Livebinders to help with teaching. Livebinders is a very useful tool for organizing, storing, and viewing documents. I would create a binder for my class and I would post all of the assignments, notes, and other information I would distribute in class, so my students would have all of the information. Since Livebinders stores files online, my students and I would be able to access the files from any computer or mobile device. Students who are absent from school would be able to access the homework they missed and would not have to rely on other students in the class to provide them with it. I would also use LivebInders to inform students of important due dates and tests, so they will have a reliable source to refer to for this information.

Blog Prompt #2: Procrastination

I am satisfied with the final product I handed in, as I worked very hard on it and believe that it is generally well-done. Although, I would have been able to improve it if I had more time to work on it, and if the instructions and expectations were more specific.

In my opinion, I did not procrastinate on my learning task assignment. Every day, I did at least a small amount of work on the assignment until it was completed, and I did not wait until the end to finish the work.

I believe that I used the class periods effectively. I made my video on VideoScribe, so I could not work on creating the actual video on the school computers, but on the days that the computers were working, I used the time to research my topic and plan out what my video would look like.

While working on the assignment, I expected that I would do well, as I worked hard and spent a lot of time on creating the video. I was not always confident that I was completing the assignment correctly, as the instructions were not very detailed, but I still worked to the best of my ability.

I also valued the task and grades I will receive. I learned a lot by doing this task. I learned interesting information about procrastination that I can apply to my life, and I also benefited from learning how to use VideoScribe, as I can now use it for other projects. The grade I receive for this task is important to me because I am hoping to do well on all assignments in this class in order to receive a high final grade.

I did not delay the task when working on it in class, but I postponed creating the video on VideoScribe (at home)  until the weekend because I had to focus on other assignments that were due sooner.

I am not worried about future tasks in this class. The structure works well because it gives students time to work on assignments at their own pace, which could improve skills like time management. These skills can then be applied to other projects we do, improving our overall ability to work efficiently. Although, I am slightly concerned about the loose guidelines because of the lack of detail in instructions. When working on assignments, I prefer to have specific instructions on what I need to do, as this helps me have more confidence in my work and not worry that I am doing something wrong.

Blog Prompt #1: PEDs Project Reaction

This is a great project, in my opinion, because we get to help teachers and students view technology in a new way and introduce new forms of it to enhance student’s learning experiences in the classroom. I like how we get to work together as a team and are able to share our ideas, as well as get insight from others’ ideas. Working on this project as a team improves our teamwork skills, and the planning aspect of the project helps us improve our time management skills. These are good skills to work on, as we can apply them to other projects we do in this class, as well as tasks in other classes.

Something that bothers me is that the large size of my group may not be ideal for this particular project. My group has seven members and each task has only been assigned to a few members. The rest of the members have to wait for certain tasks to be completed before they can work on their assigned task. At times I feel like people in my group (including myself) do not get a chance to contribute because the task currently being worked on only provides work for two or three people, and the other five or six members do not have anything to work on. This issue is specific to my group, though, as the other groups only have four or five members, so they most likely do not have this problem.

Some of my roles in the group are to help create the diagnostic survey, research possible apps and choose an idea for the activity, as well as participate in introducing the app to the class, along with the other members of my group. So far, I have only helped create the diagnostic survey, because my group has not started working on the other tasks yet.

I am not sure what to expect the outcome of the project to be, but I hope that the teachers and students will have a better understanding of how PEDs can be useful in the classroom, and that they will continue to use the technology  we introduce and share it with other teachers and students. My group and I are planning to work very hard on this project and I am confident that our hard work will make a difference.